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Hello! We are Phyllis & Rarteo.​

Sweetie Swans Confectionery is a small bakery workshop located in Hong Kong dedicated to the art of flower decorations and novelty cake design.

Since 2013, we built our brand with passion, persistence and creativity.  We made sure that every of our cakes were delivered with quality, creation and blessing.  Experience and skills gained over time, followed by recognitions and reputation.

Sweetie Swans Academy of Flower Art      

              Sweetie Swans Academy of Cake Art

The setting up of the two Academies in 2020/21 is an extension of our mission to convey systematic & comprehensive training to confectionery enthusiast and expert wannabes.

Without the underlying task to promote and sell brand products, we focus on teaching skills, technique and the application of the primary/secondary tools.  We do not just teach academic, instead we teach what we deliver, from ingredients, baking technique, experience and quality all at our brand standard.

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