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Fequently Asked Questions

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Q1.  How to make sure your date will be available?

To ensure that every of our products are finely crafted to our quality standard,  only LIMITED orders will be entertained every week.  It is recommended that once your date is fixed, place a deposit to ensure that we reserved the date for you.  It is not a matter of production lead-time but a secure step to make sure we can serve your party.


Q2. Pricing on 3-D fondant cake ...

Our 3-D fondant cakes are characterized by its novel design and the exquisite         sugar figurines which usually involves a lot of preparations & craftsmanship.  It is not difficult to understand that pricing will not be based on the weight of cake as most customers are familiar with, but varies depending on the complexity and amount of skill  required by the design.  That is why these edible artwork deserves to put on a higher price tag.

Q3. Our design service ...

Design service for customs cake are basically free of charge.  We are excited to hear from our clients their ideas in mind and how they will be realized in our edible artwork.  We appreciate our client's trust on us by giving us 100% freedom in creation.

Client may also pick from our existing styles to customize their need.  

Q4. Cake portion size ...

For every customs cake we quote, we will give our clients a guideline of serving        quantity based on the traditional portion size as follows:

       Regular portion : 1" x 2" x 4"

       Finger size portion : 1" x 1" x 4"

Q5. Choice of cake flavors & fillings ...

3-D fondant cake are made of layers of rich butter cake, with buttercream filling        between the layers.  We offer a variety of cake and buttercream flavors as follows:

        Cake flavor – Vanilla (with seeds)/ Lemon / Green Tea / Almond / Coffee /

                                 Earl Grey / Dk Chocolate / Carrot Cake / Apple & Cinnamon 

        Filling (Butter cream) – Vanilla / Lemon / Passion fruit / Green Tea / Blueberry /

                                 Black current / Raspberry / Coffee / Earl Grey / Dk chocolate 

Q6. Delivery & set up ...

For a single order valued $3,500 or above, we offer free delivery and set up service (where necessary) to Kowloon & some areas in Hong Kong side, a surcharge may apply for certain outskirt locations. 

Delivering a delicate 3-D cake is considered to be a serious issue which In most cases, will be handle by no others but ourselves.  Thus if your order is less than $3,500 and you are in need of our delivery service, we will try our best to arrange with a charge, however subject to our availability.

Pick up at our workshop is easy, just 4 mins walk from MTR station (Kowloon Bay        station exit A)

Q7. Order & payment procedures ...

Sometimes client may needs a little time, or even a few days to decide placing an order.  It is our daily work dealing with plenty of these open and outstanding         inquiries.  We would like to make it clear to our clients that an order is considered to be confirmed ONLY when the required deposit (usually 50%) is settled AND order confirmed by us.

Balance payment to be settled no later than the delivery day, either bank in to our account or by cash upon delivery.

Q8. Alteration & cancellation ...

Any changes of delivery date should be voiced up as early as possible, and the new delivery is  subject to our availability.   Deposit paid will not be refunded for any reasons of cancellation.

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